Kim’s Journey

Kimberly Mican’s journey through the educational system was anything but smooth. She did fine through fourth grade, but after that year, Kim’s mother decided to take Kim and her older brother out of school and homeschool them. Unfortunately, that decision didn’t work out very well. “She bought the books,” Kim says. “But she didn’t really follow through.”

By the following year, Kim was bored and lonely, so she begged her mother to put her back in school. Her mother did, and Kim took the test for entry to 6th grade, but had to be put in Special Education for math and reading. “That was okay,” she tells us, “at least I was back with my friends.”

Two years later, she asked her mother to let her leave school once more. “I guess I was just tired of going every day…I don’t know,” Kim explains. “So I stayed at home for seventh grade.” Again, the planned homeschooling didn’t really materialize, so Kim fell further behind.

By the next year, Kim was ready to go back and she did, finishing ninth and tenth grade, before encountering the next hurdle. “In eleventh grade, I got pregnant,” she says. “When I had the baby, my dad made me quit school and get a job.”

So, Kim went to work, walking miles to the bus stop and then riding the bus across town to her job at Whataburger. Meanwhile, Kim had another child and continued to deal with ongoing transportation issues just to get to work.

Kim’s mother had come to Literacy Council of Tyler years before and gotten a GED, and encouraged Kim to do the same, but at first Kim couldn’t see a way to make that happen. “It was too hard with two kids and no car and with working all the time.” In fact, there was a time Kim despaired of things ever improving for her or her children.

Then, a chance meeting turned things around. Kim met her current husband, Mark. “He was a blessing from God,” she says. Mark helped out with the kids and encouraged Kim to fit LCOT classes into her schedule. About a year after starting classes at LCOT, Kim took and passed the GED.

Things are looking up for Kim and her children now. She took and passed the TJC Certified Nurse Aide course and now has a good job at Trinity Mother Frances as a Patient Care Technician.  Once her kids (now ages 6 and 4) are in school, Kim hopes to go back to school and get a nursing degree.

When asked if her school and life experiences will change the way she raises her kids, Kim laughs. “They’re not going to go through what I went through,” she assures us. “They need to stay in school.”

Congratulations Kim for all your hard work. All of us at LCOT are proud of how you’ve turned your life around.

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