Meet Elizabeth!

TJC student, Elizabeth Bradley, is on her way to a promising future, thanks to her hard work and a little help from Literacy Council of Tyler.  She’s a successful college student now with a goal within reach, but it wasn’t always that way.

When Elizabeth was sixteen, her father died. “After that, my mom worked all the time, so I did whatever I wanted to,” she tells us. When she finished tenth grade, Elizabeth decided she was finished with school. “I did try to go to an alternative school for eleventh grade,” Elizabeth says, “but it didn’t work out.”

Elizabeth first came to LCOT for help in 2002, but didn’t stay in GED classes for long. Five more years of working in low-paying jobs, however, brought her back to try again in 2007. This time, Elizabeth was determined to get this roadblock out of her way so she could go on to college.  In March of 2008, she took and passed all but the essay portion of the test and in December of that same year she completed the essay portion of the test and earned her GED.

Elizabeth is now a full-time student at Tyler Junior College, completing her prerequisites for TJC’s Dental Hygiene program. “It’s a very competitive program,” she explains. “They get over 100 applicants every year and only take 24.” Elizabeth is working hard to keep her grade point average up since she plans to apply for admission in that program at the end of 2011. She’s also in the process of getting a Dental Assistant Certification to improve her chances for admission into the program.

“College does have a lot of reading, but, I think the hardest part was getting motivated to go back and get my GED,” Elizabeth tells us. “Now that I’ve come this far there’s no turning back.”

When asked about what role Literacy Council of Tyler played in her educational journey, Elizabeth is quick to praise LCOT. “I always encourage people without a high school diploma to come here. I tell them, ‘They’ll help you. They’ll bend over backwards to help you get your GED.’”