Good Bye Red-Haired Princess

After 12 years of inspiring her students to reach for the stars, GED instructor Carol Biggs is saying good bye. But when you are as special as Carol, an ordinary send off just will not suffice. So Resa Wingfield wrote and performed a farewell play for an audience of students and staff. Students joined in, reading aloud the underlined words while Carol was showered with gifts.

Enjoy the story of the Red-Haired Pricess:

Let me tell you a story. This is a story about a very special person which of course makes it a very special story. And as all special stories do, it begins with these words… Once upon a time…

    Once upon a time a lovely red-haired princess decided to go out into the world to seek her fortune. She was mostly a very sweet natured lady but if you asked her nicely, the princess might possibly admit that she did have the least little bit of a temper like most red-haired princesses. And if you asked her politely she might possibly admit that she could be the least little bit spoiled like most red-haired princesses. But in spite of these minor flaws (which might not be flaws at all in a red-haired princess) she truly wanted to help people so she decided to seek her fortune at the local literacy council where she could help people learn about MATH and WRITING and READING so that they could get GEDs.
    So she donned her best TIARA and set out excitedly. As it happened, the literacy council did not have a job opening right then but the lovely red-haired princess was so eager to help people, she decided to do it for free and began working as a volunteer. Because she was a good volunteer who was very good at helping people learn things, soon she was hired and given a classroom of her own. Before long, she became the GED Queen and traded her TIARA for a CROWN and SCEPTER. Many many people got GEDs while attending her classes.
    For many years, the lovely red-haired queen ruled the classroom. She taught and tested and counseled. Her students learned SCIENCE and SOCIAL STUDIES, practiced MATH and WRITING, read wonderful BOOKS and used CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS to create amazing projects. If you asked her directly, she might possibly admit that it was sometimes the least little bit tiring to be GED Queen what with dress codes and CELL PHONES, excel reports and technology. Still, the students blossomed and grew and graduated and mostly, all was well.  But even good times can’t last forever.
    One day the lovely red-haired queen realized she was beginning to feel the need for new experiences. Like her students, she needed to go beyond her classroom, stretch her wings and try new things. And if you asked her pointedly she might possibly admit that she was the least little bit unsure what new things she should do.
    So she began to think.  She could learn a new career…that would be fun but was that really what she most wanted to do? She could travel…that would be fun but was that really what she most wanted to do? Maybe she could be a STAR! So she helped make a MOVIE…yeah, that was fun but was that really what she most wanted to do? She was PUZZLEd. Finally, the lovely red-haired queen realized that right now, at this precise moment what she really most wanted to do was go back to her home kingdom and reign there with her handsome king.
    So she gave up her GED classroom, passed her CROWN and SCEPTER to another and went back home to her kingdom. Now we don’t exactly know how the rest of the story goes but with a little imagination you can PICTURE her relaxing with a good BOOK, SCARFing up CHOCOLATE bonbons, sipping drinks from a STRAW, watching a good MOVIE and maybe, just maybe, thinking about her time as the GED Queen. And if you ask her gently, she might possibly admit that she was the least little bit sad to leave.
    Farewell, lovely red-haired queen. You are one of a kind and there are few who can hold a CANDLE to you. We wish you and your king a long and happy reign. We will never forget you.

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