About LCOT

Literacy Council of Tyler (LCOT) is helping people to pursue their dreams.  We help individuals acquire skills that will provide them and their families the opportunity to escape the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.  By providing adult education services, LCOT improves the skill level of the workforce and the educational level of children.  In other words, teach a parent, reach a child.
We provide adult learners in our community instruction in adult basic education, GED preparation, and English as a second language (ESL).  We offer a workplace literacy program, a GED program for At-Risk Youth, and we educate entire families at the Family Learning Center of Tyler.  We have classes at 20 locations in a 3 county area and we draw students from a 7 county region. 
In 2010, LCOT served 2,424 students and had 374 volunteers. The average cost per student was $490.

Mission Statement:  

The mission of Literacy Council of Tyler is to improve the lives of individuals and their families by eliminating illiteracy through educational services.  

History of Literacy Council of Tyler:

LCOT began in 1990 with one employee and 30 adult basic literacy students.  Over the next several years, we experienced steady growth as we collaborated with other area agencies and expanded our services to include English as a second language (ESL) classes.  Our reputation of quality program delivery and solid financial management led Tyler Junior College to subcontract their entire Texas Education Agency adult education program to Literacy Council of Tyler in 2001.


Since 2001, we have expanded our services to offer Basic Education, GED, and ESL classes at our main facility and at several satellite locations throughout the service area.  LCOT has a successful family literacy program at the Family Learning Center of Tyler, and provides GED preparation classes for At-Risk Youth.
For more information, visit our website at www.lcotyler.org 

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